Upcoming Courses

Our custom self-defense programs are a unique hybrid of Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, taught by professionally trained, world-class instructors.

Our training sessions focus on the most practical self-defense tools, all delivered in a supportive and fun environment.

Thanks to generous donors, our classes are available at NO COST to students of any age and fitness level.

In addition to the lead instructor, a facilitator offers encouragement and feedback to students throughout each class.

Welcome aboard!

Reach out today to reserve a StandStrong no-cost self-defense program.

South Florida Region: Email Nadav at office@standstrong.org or call/text 305-965-8283

Chicago Region: Email info@standstrong.org or call/text 224-279-9113.

Online or other location: Email Matt at info@standstrong.org or call/text 224-279-9113